Python programs, scripts and modules

Standalone scripts and classes

VCV v0.1a
A word generator. Usage: either use the class in your own programs or run it as a script. Input: pipe in some large text whose words you wish to emulate. Output: ten words built from the input text.
BigNum v1.0 [Help]
Translates big numbers into their SI counterparts, for instance 99999999999999999999 (20 nines) is printed as 100E (or 0.1Z if the -c-flag is used).
Checks whether a file can be interpreted as encoded in UTF8 and if not prints out exactly where (line number, position in line) there is a non-UTF8 character. Use it together with for instance a hexeditor to fix faultily converted files.
Base (radix) converter
Converts a number from any integer base/radix to any other integer base/radix as long as there is a sufficient amount of different symbols for digits. This does converts any float or integer, regardless of sign.