a little known side-effects of eternal life

From: Leonard Timmons 
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Subject: Re: Eternal life
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 23:07:01 -0500

Dave Haas wrote:
> Has anyone done any serious thinking about what eternal life in heaven
> would be like?
> First off from what I know about what the bible says (which isn't that
> much) we would not have physical bodies or have physical relationships
> with the opposite sex but we would be happy.  Is this correct?
> I can't imagine being happy for eternity unless we would all be in a
> permanent drugged state.  However, without a brain drugs would have no
> effect?  Would we feel pain?  anger?  love?  Would we talk?  Would we
> still be stupid if we died that way?  Would we have goals in life? Oops.
> I mean in death?   Would we really be alive without a body?  I feel I
> would miss mine.
> This leads us to the question what would one do for a trillion,
> trillion, trillion etc. years without a body that would not be utterly
> boring after a few years?  After you have said everything you can say
> and done everything you can do, what do you do for the next trillion
> years?  Maybe we will forget what we did at the end of each day.  Kind
> of like having Alzheimer's disease?



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