SGML and friends

Essential links

Documentation project, IDI

Goal: produce lots of small introductions to various programs, and the dtd+stylesheet for such introductions, for the benefit of newbies/lusers.

The example used: introduction to XFontSel

The following files are used to produce the finished product:

Commands to generate an html file (I put them in an alias):

   1. jade -d PATH_TO/appetizers.dsl -t sgml -i html FILE.sgml > TEMPFILE1
   2. tidy < TEMPFILE1 > TEMPFILE2
   3. sed -f fix.sed TEMPFILE2 > FILE.html

Command to generate a tex-file for further use:

   jade -d PATH_TO/appetizers.dsl -t sgml -i tex FILE.sgml

This generates the file FILE.tex

More to come as things are done