shrdlu was a desktop box. It ran FreeBSD mostly, though it also had a Win98SE-partition on it. I planned to add BeOS, Debian, Hurd and Inferno to the mix, but the day only had so many hours even then. The root shell was zsh, the default wm was windowmaker.

I tested wms, terms and shells at the time.


CPU : Athlon T-bird 800 Mhz
HDDs :
  • 1 x 40 GB, ATA-100
  • 2 x 9.1 GB IBM Ultrastar 9ES, Ultra-2 SCSI Fast/Wide. These two are fantastic. Silent, cool, no problems what so ever.
SCSI-card : Adaptec 2940U2W. *drool*
Motherboard : Asus A7V (rev. 1.02), chipset: VIA Apollo KT133
Video : Hercules Stingray 128 3D, model S3316. R.I.P Hercules *sniffle* what a shame... This is a PCI card.
Monitor : 17" Targa, model TM4267-1. Cheapest 17" I could find back then, and surprisingly good for its price.
NiC : Kingston KNE110TX. Borrowed, the dream was an Intel EtherXpress 100B...
CD-ROM : Yamaha CRW-2100SZ
Sound : SB 128 PCI
Case : InWin IW Q500 (huge fulltower)


Primary OS : FreeBSD 4.4 stable.
shells : See "UNIX shell differences and how to change your shell"
bash, csh, sh, tcsh, zsh, sash
X Windows : Xfree 4.1.0
WMs : See "Window Managers"
afterstep, amiwm, ctwm, enlightenment, mwm, twm, windowmaker, wm2, wmx
TERMs : mostly aterm. xterm & rxvt for visitors