And now for something completely different

To laugh ~
or not to laugh

~ that's the only
Question that REALLY matters ~

the human zoo...

A laugh or ten a day keeps the doctorlings away, right? Here's some laughs for you, but don't mail around complaining afterwards, you might not have the same sense of humor as do I... (Well, as a matter of fact, statistically speaking, if everything is to be said truthfully, honorably and with the uttermost necessible sense of finesse, then it is bloody unlikely that you, or anyone else this side of armageddon, would find anthing of the following even close to being just a little snigger-snigger amusing. But I do, so buzz of to Disney or something if this incidentially doesn't happen to be your preferred flavor, color, aroma, area, or year of a cup of tea! 'Nough said.)


Yeah, right

Recent hystery courtesy of the Wayback Machine

Geeky The good old Geek Code
Some scenes from the life of a geek
You know you're a Star Wars geek when...
PythOnline ~ whee! thE official page! Silly name for a site but excellent collections of pythony goodness
Witty Schlock Mercenary ~ Grunts... in... spaaaaaaace...
Paperinik/Superduck/Fantonald ~ My current favorite, uhm, "superhero" paper-based comic
Sluggy Freelance jumped the shark some time ago but the early years are great
Beware of the Large Killer Tracheophytes
About pedants (Beware, the word "millenium" is used throughout!)
Texty MUNG Multipurpose Unilateral Nonsense Generator
Baen free dru^Wlibrary The first samples are free...
Tekkie FreeFall
The Jargon File
User Friendly
Computer Songs And Poems ~ at last! a collection!
Rap au sysadmin by netmaster 10baseT ~ BOFH:The Next Generation?
Ping! Partly and very internal, but fun nonetheless (no(vifte)==en(fan))
Trekkie Sev Trek ~ to Baldly go where no Sev has gone before (instacontent my ass)
Dicey The Temperature of Hell
A Little Known Side-Effect of Eternal Life

More? More!? My kind of people!

C*E*A used to have more links to more or less "fun" stuff than you could handle, but seems to have been taken over by spammers (snicker).

Quoting time!

Caldera Netscape Open Source movement DOJ Everyone vs. Microsoft:

"The conventional army loses if it does not win. The guerilla wins if he does not lose."
-- Henry Kissinger


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