In Taruven, the demonstrative is simply a noun. It may take all the noun-suffixes, but it can only be prefixed with ï-, ë- and aì-.

ry - the default demonstrative noun

ry covers the meaning of both English this and that:

ry gav
gav ry
this/that dog

ty - when something is hidden or abstract, in the future or past

ty covers the meaning of English that better than it does this; it need only be used when the hidden, obstructed or unknown nature is essential:

ty gav
gav ty
that (unseen, hypothetical) dog

ty bren
bren ty
that car that once existed or someday will exist

Combinations with noun-suffixes

(Only one of the possible word-orders are shown per example.)

that below

those behind

that inside

ryvunveneð ū
that sweet, little thing of yours

yn ksyarra ty […]
they considered that […]