Taruven was the former lingua franca of a vast area spanning several universes. Due to its popularity being on the rise again, the Ministry of Communications found it wise to present this rough overview of its main features.

Current Topic: compounding and derivation

Existing topics:

  1. a bird's eye view of Taruven: start here
  2. before time... a brief history of taruven
  3. sounds
  4. symbols
  5. nouns
  6. word order
  7. possession
  8. relative clauses
  9. statives
  10. verbs
  11. frontwords
  12. Miscellanea
  13. compounding and derivation

FAQ - Frequently (un)Asked Questions
Translations - some with recordings
Sketches - work in progress
Lessons - only one so far
Online vocabulary - currently in a very rough-and-ready format