movement: verbs derived from cases

xurvu aìleveal
xušvu eìšadivu


A large amount of verbs depicting movement are, etymologically speaking, derived from locatives.

The verbs in question, with their approximate translations...

short form alternate forms meaning (approximate)
xil move out of, leave
xal move into, enter
xu approach, move in on, move to
xve move away from
xurvu ascend
xušvu descend
xdi xdivu move onto
xda xdave move off
xur move up
xuš move down
xar move forwards
xaš move backwards
H turn/move right
ešš turn/move left
xuaìr xuraì xuari rotate rightwards around directional axis
xušaì xuaìš xuaši rotate leftwards around directional axis
šy move at a fixed distance
šavvayr move into position*
xaššin stay behind
xarren stay ahead
kheny move parallelly with