Overview: what is a frontword?

Frontwords are particles that have one thing in common: they can only appear as the very first word in a sentence. Some frontwords can be seen as acting as a subject for the verb, the subject frontwords – but frontwords are never pronouns. Other indicate the type of sentence, for instance the question-frontwords.

Structure of a frontword

Frontwords do neither inflect nor take derivations, so there's no real structure to talk about.

FRONTWORD rest-of-sentence

Subject frontwords

oah hortative, 1st person subject
vren imperative, 2nd person subject
jil jussive, 3rd person subject
    1. oah saha
      lets dance!
    2. vren tax
    3. jil geìl ghānaþ
      let them drink beer!

Question frontwords

vriš yes/no
ēi who, what (subject)
ēies where? (location)
ēili who (experiencer)
ēiru whowhere (locatee)
ēisaþ whom (object)
ēišeth whose (genitive, possessive)
ēišta when (temporal location)

Questions that must be answered with yes or no

    1. vriš u mahašeŋŋ
      vriš    u  mahašeŋŋ
      vriš    u  maha -šeŋŋ
      Q:yesno 2s play -WANT
      do you want to play? wanna play?
    2. vriš u krugeármo ry sïaþaþ
      vriš    u  krugeármo                       ry   sïaþ   -aþ
      vriš    u  kru  -geár       -mo            ry   sïaþ   -aþ
      Q:yesno 2s kill -definitely -intentionally this person -PAT
      did you definitely kill this person on purpose?

Questions that can be answered with a noun phrase

    1. ēi ry
      ēi    ry
      ēi    ry
      Q:who that
      who is that?
    2. ēi xa
      ēi    xa
      ēi    xa
      Q:who do
      who is doing it/did it? whodunnit?
    3. ēi bogh
      ēi    bogh
      ēi    bogh
      Q:who drown
      who drowned?
    4. ēili areìn
      ēili      areìn
      ēili      areìn
      Q:who.exp suggest
      who suggested it?
    5. ēies
      where is it?
    6. ēies Heì
      ēies    Heì
      ēies    Heì
      Q:where kitchen
      where's the kitchen?
    7. ēisaþ kru
      ēisaþ  kru
      ēisaþ  kru
      Q:whom kill
      who was killed?
    8. ēiru bren
      ēiru       bren
      ēiru       bren
      Q:whowhere car
      who/what is in the car?
    9. ēišeth bren
      ēišeth  bren
      ēišeth  bren
      Q:whose car
      whose car is it? who owns that car?
    10. ēišta ndy
      ēišta  ndy
      ēišta  ndy
      Q:when paint
      when do I/we paint?

Other frontwords

lenēth, uleìneta "it is said", "they say"
    1. lenēth šuìkuì šuìhrenn
      lenēth       šuìkuì     šuìhrenn
      lenēth       šuì   kuì  šuì  hrenn
      "it is said" sword live sword end
      they say "live by the sword die by the sword"