vertical cursive script

grid of cursive script (12K)

Vertical cursive script for Taruven and "charãn", preliminary version. Notice the gaps for <š>, <ž>, <m>, <þ>, <ð>, <H>, <,> and <->. <ž> is the voiced version of <š>, and <m> should resemble <p> and <b> somehow... A few ligatures are shown as well, and some scribbles/ideas for the missing letters, and some words... try read 'em! Shouldn't have scanned it in as line art...

sample of cursive script (40K)

Here's a sample of the script, written to test a new calligraphic marker. Not particularly successful, a proper ink-pen would properly yield better results... The text-block to the right is the translated excerpt from "Grandfather and the Dragon". The text to the left are just tests, per column (my usual handwriting is even worse):

  1. oàr, varra, operatår, oddvar, brå, prakk
  2. staven, i, nitten, åtti, to, skarert?, tonis?
  3. input, translation, takk, for, handelen

All of it uses several rejected forms.