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Andrew Jenner is a third year undergraduate at Queens' College, Cambridge, UK. He studies Physics and tinkers with old computer games in what he laughingly calls his "spare time".

Andrew has been messing about with computers since he was knee-high to a grasshopper, and his written many programs, the best of which can be downloaded from his website .

Andrew has always enjoyed playing Digger and, some years ago, designed some new high-resolution 16 colour graphics for it. It took 3 years before he got around to disassembling the game and making it work with the new graphics. He had no idea what he was starting - Digger became an unexpected success and spawned ports, level editors and new features galore. In fact, it's now got completely out of hand.

Digger was his first "Remastered" game, but he has since remastered Styx and is now working on Sopwith.