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The following files can be downloaded here:

The latest version of Digger Remastered for DOS. The download is 77K.

The Digger Remastered extras pack (179K), containing the level editor, extra levels, icons, Windows 95 file associations, the hall of fame games, and a screensaver. Please read the EXTRAS.TXT file first.

Windig, the Windows 95 version of Digger Remastered by Tim Draper (104K).

The SDL version of Digger Remastered by Maxim Sobolev (108K) - see "ports" section of website or digger.txt for building instructions.

The RiscOS port of Digger Remastered (52K).

The DJGPP/Allegro protected mode port (298K).

The C source code to Digger (177K). Please read the DIGSRC.TXT file first.

The Java version of Digger in downloadable form (45K).

The Source code to the Java version of Digger (32K).

The graphics from Digger in .BMP (24K) or .GIF (35K) format. Note that the .BMP files do not have the correct transparency information. These files have been ZIPped twice (the first time with compression off) to reduce download time. This is a handy technique for improving compression performance if you have lots of similar files in an archive.

Styx Remastered, another Windmill Software that Andrew has fixed (25K).

The source code for Styx remastered in Assembler (43K).

The ripped version of Digger (23K).

The ripped version of Styx (19K).

The ripped version of Rollo and the Brush Bros (19K).

The ripped version of Conquest (25K).

The ripped version of Moonbugs (22K).

The ripped version of The Exterminator (18K).

Floppy Frenzy.

The archives from the old Digger Chat mailing list. Now as complete as they're ever going to be (probably).