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Marek Futrega has a copy of his Digger Java applet on his site and it's better than the one here because it saves the high score table.

http://www.imitationpickles.org/rustic/rustic.shtml The Rustic Classics version of Digger is a very amusing Digger clone not based on the original Digger source. The guy who wrote it, Philip Hassey, doesn't want any money for it, just marbles (I guess he's lost his...)

SteppenWolf has written another Windows/DirectX version of Digger. It looks good but isn't nearly as fun to play as the original. It's also a 6Mb download.

Andy Skyman created this shrine to Digger. There are some bits of information and programs about getting the original Digger to run on modern machines as well, if you're interested.

Chris's Digger page was somewhat out of date last time I looked at it.

This site is a blatant rip-off of www.digger.org but I'm not bitter. I just wish I had his email address so that I could tell him to put a link back to here so that visitors to his site knew where to go for the latest versions.

Reinder Kraaij of Holland started a rewrite of Digger in Java before being beaten to it by Marek Futrega.

I barely understand this site at all, but it's obvious what it's about!

Mikel Lavrentyev of Russia has written a "patcher" for the original Digger which fixes most of the problems. The loader also has a level editor and many sample levels. This package is highly recommended, although the patcher does have some unwanted side effects - neither the speed nor the background music is quite right. The levels from Digger's Loader are available for use with this version: see Extra levels.

Constantine Klyatskin of Russia has created a version of Digger for the Palmpilot. It is shareware and costs US$12.

Check out the Digger category in the Netscape Open Directory.

Kenneth Kolding's Digger page.

- A review of Digger written for a Turkish computer magazine.

Doka are soon going to release (commercially) a game called Digger 2000. I'll let you know more details when I have them. For now, though, there are some nice screenshots at that site.

The Oldskool PC used to host the Digger site and is an invaluable reference for anyone interested in old games or demos and running them on modern PCs.

Gangsters is a great place to go if you want to download a computer games that is too old to be found in the shops. There are no actual downloads on that site, just links to sites that do carry the games.

Mobygames is the ultimate online encyclopedia of computer games. Go there and vote for your favorite computer game!

Popcorn has everything you ever wanted to know about the song "Popcorn" and lots more, including lots of versions of the music in various playable formats.

Know of any more? Email me!