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Andrew Jenner is the author of the "digitally remastered" Digger. You can email him with anything Digger related. You can also visit Andrew's website if you're interested.

Visual design of this site by Aycan Gulez.

Many thanks to Matthias Wermann for the very generous donation of the digger.org domain name and web server. Matthias runs an ISP, the URL of which is http://www.emsnet.de.

Thanks also to Avi Ben Zev for setting up the original Digger Chat mailing list and for getting in touch with Windmill Software.

The Windows 95 version of Digger is by Tim Draper, who can be contacted on tdraper@trytel.com. Let him know if you have any problems with that version.

The Unix version is by Maxim Sobolev, whose email address is sobomax@altavista.net. Julian Brown is guilty of the RiscOS port - if you use it write to him and encourage him to update it.

David Down did the Protected Mode version. Any comments about that should be directed to him.

Marek Futrega created the Digger Java Applet.

Finally, many thanks to Jim Leonard for all his advice and encouragement.