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What's New?

13 Apr 2000: Score saving bug in SDL Digger fixed. Sorry it took me so long to get around to releasing this.

7 Apr 2000: Maxim Sobolev's SDL version released, allowing users of FreeBSD and GNU/Linux to play Digger natively.

8 Feb 2000: Minor bug in level editor fixed (thanks for Mariusz Borkowski for finding it).

29 Jul 1999: Marek Futrega's Digger Java Applet added to the website.

18 Jul 1999: Major new version of WinDig: CGA graphics, DLF and DRF files on the menu. The source code to the changes has not been uploaded yet.

11 Jul 1999: Major website redesign and updates to many versions. New level editor.

24 May 1999: The source code is now available from the website.

6 May 1999: Minor bugfix release. Protected mode version released.

16 Apr 1999: Minor bugfixes in WinDig.

8 Apr 1999: WinDig now doesn't need DirectX at all. DOS Digger will now record and playback really huge DRF files correctly.

3 Apr 1999: Update to Windows version: now runs correctly in 256 colour mode and without DirectDraw 6.

2 Apr 1999: More slight bug fixes in DOS version.

1 Apr 1999: Slight bug fixes in both DOS and Windows versions.

28 Mar 1999: Windows 95 version added, thanks to Tim Draper. SoundBlaster music now works. Various other tweaks and bug fixes.

30 Jan 1999: Bug fix: Recording two-player simultaneous games with the music off now works properly. If you have any two-player simultaneous recordings which you want to keep but which now do not playback, send them to me and I'll see if I can fix them.

28 Jan 1999: Bug fix: You can't lose all your lives in Gauntlet mode any more.

21 Jan 1999: Bug fix: In old-style two-player mode, player one doesn't get all the points for bags killing monsters.

18 Jan 1999: Bug fix: Digger doesn't stall if you pause for too long.

15 Jan 1999: Unlimited lives ( /U) and start at different level ( /I) cheat switches added to Digger at the request of players.

13 Jan 1999: SoundBlaster cards using IRQ numbers 8 to 15 should now work. Bug with more than 4 spare lives fixed. Vsynch option restored for those with serious timing problems.

12 Jan 1999: The SoundBlaster sound should now work on genuine SoundBlaster sound cards. Thanks to Tomer Gabel for finding the cause of this bug. Recommended extension for level data files changed from .DAT to .DLF.

9 Jan 1999: Yet another bug fix: You now don't die twice if you die whilst completing a level.

8 Jan 1999: More bugs in old two player mode and keyboard redefinition fixed.

5 Jan 1999: SoundBlaster sound added, although it may not work properly and there's no background music yet. Bug fixes: Old two player mode now works, and some bugs in the keyboard redefinition routines have been fixed.

15 Dec 1998: Bug fix: keyboard redefinition in two player simultaneous mode now works.

13 Dec 1998: Two player simultaneous mode ( /2 option) added.

9 Dec 1998: Digger level editor added. This is a Windows program and should be pretty self explanatory to use, so there isn't any information about how to use it here.

7 Dec 1998: Bug fix for Gauntlet mode high score table, added /V and /T command line options to help with timing problems.

25 Nov 1998: Gauntlet mode added.

20 Nov 1998: Minor bug fixes to do with the high scores, playback and taking over.

18 Nov 1998: Minor timing bug fixed. Major timing bug caused by fixing minor timing bug fixed.

14 Nov 1998: Hall of fame revamped.

13 Nov 1998: Keyboard redefinition ( /K option) added.

4 Nov 1998: New URL: "http://www.digger.org". Minor bug fix for /O option.

21 Oct 1998: Minor changes so you can playback a recording as a screensaver.

18 Oct 1998: Another minor bug fix: you can't score twice for killing one monster.

17 Oct 1998: Update to RiscOS version: minor bug fixes and sound added.

16 Oct 1998: RiscOS version added. Minor bug fix to DOS version making the keyboard work more like it did in the original. Speed control and playback cheat added.

15 Oct 1998: Major new version! Most of the changes are invisible but will help with future development. However, there are some major new features, including a greatly improved recording/playback feature, which you will need if you want to get on the new Hall of Fame.

13 Oct 1998: Digger chat mailing list added. You can subscribe here.

22 Sep 1998: Four new sets of levels added in the extra level pack.

8 Sep 1998: Trivia section added in the FAQ list.

7 Aug 1998: If you liked Digger, try Styx, the latest game from Windmill Software / Andrew Jenner.

28 Jul 1998: DRF compressor program (now obsolete) and DRF files added.

25 Jul 1998: Digger should now run on slower computers.

21 Jul 1998: Minor changes to website and documentation, added counter (see here for our statistics.)

20 Jul 1998: Website was redesigned and "What's New?" section was added.