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Hall of Fame

Welcome to the hall of fame. Your name could be here! All you need to do is send me a recording of a game you played where you got more than 359,825 points. Recordings of all the official top scores are available individually right here, by clicking on the score, or in the DIGEXTRA.ZIP file at the download page

RankNameCountry ScoreLevelSpeed
1 Karen Grigoryan Armenia1561,47512740-120
2Kalin Savtchev Bulgaria1206,87513960-110
3Plamen Babushcov Bulgaria1092,52512260-100
4Nikita Lukish Russia1037,12513440
5Dror Bohrer Israel903,75010530-130
6Tomek Stochel Poland865,75011740-75
7Roman Tomczyk Poland823,6509930-200
8Batzorig Begzsuren Mongolia737,9258280-115
9Fedor Selivanov Belarus391,4004640-90
10Filipus Hunadi Indonesia359,8253840-130

If the hall of fame games don't work, try the ones in the DIGEXTRA.ZIP file - your web browser is corrupting them. I'll fix it soon so that Digger plays back files even if they've been corrupted.

Karen Grigoryan does like to do something special with the first level of his games. With his previous record he recorded thevoid.drf . Please note that games recorded with the /I option are not eligible for the hall of fame, and that if you use the /U option, your fame score may be lower than the total score from the game. See the " Command line options" for more details.

If you can beat 359,825 you can get into the hall of fame. To save your game, wait until you are back at the title screen (after the "Enter your initials" screen, or when the "Game Over" screen has disappeared) just hit F8. Then exit the program in the normal way. This will create a file with the extension DRF and a name composed of your score and the initials you entered. You can then attach this to an email and send it to me at fame@digger.org. If you don't know how to attach a file to an email, simply open the DRF file in a text editor (such as Notepad in Windows), select the whole thing, copy it and paste it into the email message. For some more information on recording and playback, see Command line options.

When sending scores, please check the website first to make sure that your score is good enough. Also, please tell me your full name, nationality and whether or not you want your email address published on the website.

All email addresses published here are done so with the consent of their owners.