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Screenshot from a future version?

Please get in touch and tell me which of these you'd particularly like/hate or if you have any better ideas.

  • Analogue joystick support (this was in the original game, but didn't work unless you were running the game on a 4.77MHz 8088).
  • I'm planning to separate the VGA graphics from the executable file and make CGA graphics the default mode. This will allow easy addition of extra sets of graphics in the future.
  • Updates to the sound routines - better quality sound through sound cards and in non-DOS versions, WAV output.
  • Updates to speed routines which should fix the speed bugs which seem to happen on some computers.
  • Option to use cyan/magenta/white graphics as the original did on some CGA cards.
  • Improve the playback routines so they are less sensitive to problems with the line endings.
  • Separate keys for 1 player mode and 2 player simultaneous mode
  • Improvements to website:
    • Testimonials section
    • Screenshots section

  • Graphics editor
  • Background music editor
  • Changes to two player simultaneous mode. Is it too easy? Should some monsters reappear when only one digger dies? Separate keys for one and two player modes? No friendly fire option? Team total score?
  • Network play (Null modem, modem, network, internet).
  • More than two players, perhaps with an expanded play area.
  • Digger 3D - a true 3D game with 3D playing field and 3D characters.